Monday, January 23, 2012

Breakdancing, DJing and the CEO of FUN!

Today I have the pleasure of announcing the newest Grinning Studios podcast! Last week, my interview with Control Freaks, DJs Tha Boogie Bandit and Foxx Boogie!  The podcast is up and ready for download.  Check out the podcast page for more info on the show and links!

One of the greatest guys I have to give a shout out to is Masatoshi!  CEO of Fun for Control Freaks!  Masatoshi is a great guy and life of the party at Boogie Bandit's DJ events.  Masa, you the man!

Due to Softbank (no love here) and a cooking appearance from Foxx Boogie's girlfriend, (making eggs and bacon,) this episode took days to get edited and published!  All worth it!  This interview was crazy fun and I think you will love it!

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