Thursday, January 19, 2012

All that's fit for consumption.

Have you ever had more ambition than time?  Every day, I run out of time for all of my ambitious projects.  My work (that thing I do to earn money,) eats up most of my day and my blogs (that thing I do for free,) eat up most of my nights.  Weekends I have extra paying work to support my many hobbies, or I have interviews, or date nights with my wonderful wife. My favorite time is the date nights.  That doesn't stop me from getting things done.

Here's what's new:

The next podcast is half ready for publication.

I have another great interview scheduled, possibly before the last one is uploaded to the podcast server.

I also have my online book project up now. I will !TRY! to write at least a page per day, until the book is finished.

New pages to view! Don't forget to check out my other pages from the navigation bar.

And if you are looking for Japan Radiation information, please visit my Nirnsa Blog.

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