Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting a Japanese Driver's License.

Here is my story about how I managed to get my Driver's License in Japan.

These videos include scenery and places in Japan while I tell you stories or explain something about my life in Japan, or experiences in Japanese culture.  Get yourself some popcorn and enjoy the story and insight into life in Japan.

First thing I talk about is the Subaru Stella's Echo Idle. The 2012 Subaru Stella has a feature that saves gas by shutting off the engine while you are stopped at lights and in traffic, then seamlessly starting back up when you let go of the brake pedal.

After the echo idle tangent, I go into explaining how I got my driver's license in Japan.  Getting a driver's license in Japan if you are from England, New Zealand, Australia or many other countries is easy. You just translate your driver's license and take a written test. Pass the test and you get a Japanese driver's license. Getting a Japanese driver's license if you are American is not so easy.

If you want to be successful in Japan, having a Japanese driver's license is a great tool to use on your road to climbing the success ladder in Japan. You should do it, but if you are American, expect a difficult path. Americans must take the practical driving test in order to get a Japanese driver's license.  Depending on what Prefecture in Japan you live, This test can be quite difficult to pass.  Here is my story about my six failed tests to get my Japan driver's license, and how I was lucky to even get it on my seventh attempt.
Hope you enjoy.

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