Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bioshock Infinite Crash Fix List

This is a list of Bioshock Infinite crashes by type and their corresponding fixes. If you have a crash, and/or fix not listed here, please leave a comment. I will add more fixes as I have time.

Bioshock Infinite Crash Fixes and Useful Tweaks List

Bioshock Infinite General Crash Fixes:

These are general fixes anyone can do for any general crash.

Grinning Studios: General Crash Fixes

Bioshock Infinite Startup Crashes:

These fixes are for when the Bioshock Infinit crashes at startup before any display occurs.

Grinning Studios: Crash before menu fix (Xgame.ini tweaks.)

Bioshock Infinite Menu Crashes:

These Fixes are for crashes that occur at the menu screen or just before the menu screen.

Grinning Studios: I7 Processor random crash fix.

Bioshock Infinite Random Freezing and Crashes:

These fixes are for freezing and crashes that happen randomly while playing the game.

Bioshock Infinite Save Game problems:

If you are getting corrupt save games, these fixes might help.

Grinning Studios: How to Back Up your Bioshock Infinite Game Saves.

Bioshock Infinite Video/framerate problems:

Fixes for improving framerate and video glitches.

Bioshock Infinite Tweaks:

Tricks and edits you can do to the game to improve performance.

Bioshock Infinite Hacks and cheats:

For the player who wants to modify the game with cheats, mods, or hacks. You have your reasons... no judgement here.

Grinning Studios: How to play Bioshock Infinite without Steam.

Bioshock Infinite Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Easter-eggs:

For players stuck in areas, trying to get all the extra features, gamer achievements or just want to know the most efficient ways to play the game, try these links.

Your links:

If you have a particularly valuable tip, hint, blog post, fix, mod or anything you want to share, make a comment and I may add it here.

Please let me know if any of this works for you or doesn't work for you so I can make sure I am giving correct information or change the information to help more people. Thanks, and good luck.

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