Monday, March 19, 2012

Networking your blog with other bloggers in Japan

Japan Bloggers
If you have a blog about Japan and want to network with other Japan Bloggers, there is a place for you at Japan Bloggers On Facebook.

The premise of this page is to help bloggers of Japan connect and network with other bloggers. Make partnerships, exchange links, find like minded people, make friends, and enjoy a rich community of bloggers and website owners that all have a creative interest in Japan.  Here you can find musicians in Japan, meet people that teach in Japan, find writers in Japan, get tips and ideas for your blog or website and grow your reader base. 

How To:
To join this bloggers page and get your page listed there are a few simple steps. Items with an asterisk (*) are optional.

1. Go to Japan Bloggers on Facebook and like the page.
*2. Send a message with a link and description of your blog as you would like it to appear on Japan Bloggers.
*3. When your page is added, like the picture and write a message.  This way, people that want to network with you, can do so at your blog picture and you will get an alert that someone posted to it.
*4. Spread the word.

1. English Only.
2. Spamming will get you permabanned.
3. No link promotion! You can talk about something you posted on your blog and link to the picture of your blog, only!
4. Posting links to blogger's resources is acceptable spam links will get you banned.  Spam links are links to ad heavy sites for the purpose of getting sales, clicks, or exploiting the Japan Bloggers good nature.
5. The rules may change, please keep up to date with the rules.  All changes will be posted on the timeline.
Networking just got a little bit easier for creative people in Japan. Become part of this great community and start growing today.

Stay Creative, It's Good For You.


  1. Always encouraging to see networking and community building in this age of disgruntled loners and random violence. Helps keep us all gruntled and focused. I went to this link, by the way, and despite 12 years of solidly average Chicago public school education, could not figure out how to add my blog to your growing list.

  2. Thanks TYJ: A how-to and rules have been added to this post. I am also posting them on the Facebook page in the description.


    Stay Creative, It's Good For You.


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