Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Podcast episode 6: Japan Blog List Webmaster, Jonathan Allen

Last week I was able to sit down and have a chat with, Jonathan Allen, the webmaster for www.japanbloglist.com. First I asked him all about how he got started being the webmaster for Japan Blog List. It was an interesting story spanning many years and three countries; England, South Korea, and Japan.
He also talked about some of his favorite blogs and here is the list of the blogs he mentioned.

http://www.tokyoreporter.com/: The slightly seedy side of Japan.
blogspot.jp/: Sadly seems to have stopped posting.
http://muza-chan.net/: She doesn't even live in Japan , but posts
something interesting everyday.
http://www.ourmaninabiko.com: The British guy who put together the book 2:46
http://shibuya246.com/: Combini's and travel.

tokyotimes.org/: A photo blog.

We also talked about monetizing our blogs, the steps we have done to monetize, and how other people have monetized. We talked about Adsense, adwords, and more.

There is a possible chance for a collaboration between Japan Blog List and Grinning Studios. Jonathan Allen and I spoke about possibly doing a feature blog interview promotion.  We'll hopefully keep in touch about that and see where it leads.

We talked about Jonathan's life in Japan, his hobbies, his wife's hobby/job as a yoga master, and things that he likes and enjoys In Japan. One of these likes was a program for people that want to study Sake (Japanese rice wine) and his experience drinking Sake's to earn a good appreciation of good sake.  The link for that is at  http://www.sake-world.com/html/about-john.html
Jonathan Allen's Wife's website is http://yogasan.net.

Hope you liked the show and enjoyed the interview with the creative, Jonathan Allen, webmaster of www.japanbloglist.com.

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Wow, amazing, I know all of the blogs that he mentioned as his favorites! ^-^;


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