Monday, March 19, 2012

Oops, wrong door: People versus bad design

I was at the Don Kihote in Niigata today with nothing to do.  I was waiting for my wife to finish her Toeic test, and just chillin at the entrance.   As I chilled... I noticed a lot of people were confused by the doors.  They kept choosing the wrong one. The design is atrocious and the signage is minimal. I told the building security about it and they basically said, thanks for telling us, and left it at that.  In the end, I decided to take video.  I whipped out my iPhone and for about 45 minutes, recorded people coming into the building.  After a little editing, I added some music and sound effects.  Hope you like it.


  1. Came up out of a subway station in Kyoko one summer day many years ago. Saw a big ice cream place across the street (Baskin Robbins, or some other chain). Glass all around, with people inside eating their ice cream and looking out, people-watching. I hustle across the street, locate the door, plant myself in front of it, and wait patiently for it to swoosh open. It doesn't. People inside are now watching me. It still doesn't open. People on the street are now watching me. It still does not open. People are calling their friends and relatives to have them come watch me. Finally, somebody inside finishes their ice cream and exits the store, pushing the non-automatic door open and gently shifting me to one side.

  2. HAHA! Yeah, I've had my dumb moments too. This doorway was just poor design though. Bad design trumps intelligence, making even the smart and observant person look careless and oblivious.


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