Monday, November 5, 2012

Zombie infection on twitter. What Zombie Would You Be?

Zombie Grin
What Zombie Would You Be? #WzWyBe

There is a Zombie infection spreading on twitter!

Day 1. 11/5/2012

Virus Vector Carrier:
A fast, 28 days later kind of zombie. with an eye that dangles as he runs. (What zOmbIE would you be.) 


A walking dead kind, where everyone is already infected, and it's only a matter of time...He shambles as he hunts for more victims. (What Zombie would you be.)
Infections: Unknown.

A merpy derp Zombie that has a cheezy face and eyes that face diff directions. (What Zombie would you be.)
Infections: Unknown. 

an _I Am Legend_ zombie with a huge head and runs like an antelope and goes "ROOOAAARRRRGGGH!" all night. (What Zombie would you be.)
Infections: Unknown. 

Infection Prognosis.
No further infections at the moment as of 11/6/2012. The virus appears to be contained as virality of the infected is very low.  However, the infection could jump at any time and more of the infected could surface. There is no way to know how many people may have been exposed to the vector carrier or the infected.  

If you think you have been infected, tweet what zombie you would be and add the tag #WzWyBe to your tweet so I can track the infected. 

Day 5. 11/9/2012

The virus appears to have succumbed to obscurity.  No new infections have been reported and the strain has disappeared.  Back to the drawing board.  I will create a new strain of the virus and see if I can get it to be more viral.  I need either something so catchy, people can't resist, or a kick start.  I will try changing the strain from #WzWyBe to something more catchy.

Stay tuned!

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