Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Steam Sale - My wallet isn't ready.

Steam take my money!

Reposted from the Luftahraan forum;

What is it?

For those of you that don't know, Steam has been kind enough to offer wonderful and cheap deals off many games within its library. For many its a time of joy, of wonderful things, of mystique and wonder, with each day a new deal popping up. Indeed, the Steam sales are perhaps the true version of Christmas.

Wallet beaten by steam

It isn't uncommon to see popular and AAA games at near bargain cuts like 75% or even up to 85%! Many games such as Dishonored, Borderlands 2, and The Elderscrolls V: Skyrim, are all expected to be at very low prices. Currently we are at Valve's equinox, a time that is followed by three sales. We have just experienced the first passing of the Halloween Sale, a minor appetizer to the main courses to come. Within the week, the annual Autumn Steam Sales is to come, and after that comes to greatest of all sales: The Winter Steam Sale.

Can I afford it?

The short term answer? Absolutely yes!

The long term answer? Nobody survives the Steam Sales, especially the behemoths of the Winter and Summer sales. Just recently a man by the name of John Doe reported the following after the Summer sale:

Steam sales made me poor

However, other people have found wonderful and productive means of achieving money for the sales! Many have completely changed living styles and converted to the masterrace of PC gaming completely!

So why a megathread?

Because the Steam Sales are a horrendous monster, a terrible plague that seeks to destroy all of our wallets. Many will suffer with these sales, losing money, and most importantly, their lives to the amount of amazing games that go on sale! We can see this through several photographic pieces of evidence:

Dated back to 1932 CE, somewhere in New York.
Steam takes money

A painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Leonardo Da Vinci Steam

Commissioned by the USSR against the Sales, 1972.
All my money for steam

What's on your wishlist?


Steam sale image

Well ok, but I really don't have any...

Steam sale image 2

No, I really-really don't have any...

Steam Sale image 3

NO! NO! I CAN'T...

Steam Sale image 4

What's the result of the Sale?

Probably these:

Train Simulator 2013

Or this

Secret of the Magic Crystals

In Conclusion?

A true Santa heralds in a real holiday, with tangible gifts and wonderful toys.

I mean- the only way to win is not to buy. Save yourself!

Written by Vizard38, Honorary Consul of the Luftahraan Skyrim Mod Project.

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