Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello Kitty Merchandice Give Away - Grinning Studios Vlog 08-29-2012

The contest is in motion!  I have purchased all the Hello Kitty merchandise and sent it off to TheLily1077 in the UK.  She will be running the contest from here! So please check out her channel to find out how to win the contest!

If you would like to do a collaboration with me, I am very much open to working with more YouTubers for anything in Japan.  Tell me what you want, I will find it, take video of it and the pricing and post it.  If you want it, we can hammer out the details in PM.

The only rules I have are 1. Nothing illegal of course. and you must make a YouTube video of you opening the package after you receive it.

If you have a Hello Kitty request, please visit the main video and tell me what you liked from it and at what time you saw the item you liked. I will post a video for you with more detail. The video is at

The music in the BGM is Try 2 B written, played, recorded and produced by me 2010. I own all rights to this song.

Thanks for watching.  If you like these videos even a little, Please spread the butter on the bread! and by butter I mean the videos, and by bread I mean the social network of your choice. Share it wherever you share things, like it when you do, post your comments and show me your Nerdswagger.

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