Thursday, August 23, 2012

Giving away Hello Kitty merchandise with TheLily1077 - Grinning Studios Vlog: 08-24-2012

For the story on how this project started go here.

Thanks for viewing the video.  TheLily1077 will be doing the actual give-away. You can view her channel at:

This video is to help us pick out what she will be giving away.  Also, if you want to buy any of the items you see or something else from Japan.  let me know. I'm not going to give you anything for free like I am for TheLily1077, but if you want something then here's what I will do for you:

Tell me what you want, I will see if I can find it.  If I find it, I will send you a picture of it at the store with the price tag and estimated shipping cost. If you want it, send the money or pay through Paypal and I will make a video where I go to the store, find the item, buy it, and send it to you. All of that will be in the video. Please read all of the rules below.

Giveaway RULES: TheLily1077 decides how to run the contest.  The only thing I know for sure is that you are not able to win in areas where contests are prohibited. There is no purchase necessary.

Buying for your own purpose RULES: I will only send items you buy from Japan when it is not illegal of course, and if you do some sort of video about it.  For example. You see something you want for yourself or for a contest, you contact me and we work out the sending details.  I do a video of the purchase and sendoff and you do a video of the receiving of the package or the contest/give away.

I am not giving anything away! If you want something you have to pay for it. But you will get something cool at the same price everyone else gets it at and you will get a YouTube video event out of it. It's all worth it.

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The music in the BGM is "Try 2 B" written, played, recorded and produced by me, 2010. I own all rights to this song.
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