Thursday, January 26, 2012

Branching out. Searching for Japanese talent.

Recently I have decided that it might be interesting to find Japanese nationals that would like to promote their work to an English audience.  I have considered how to do this and I think I have a plan. Here is what I plan to offer.

If you are Japanese, and want to promote your art, music, writing, or creative works to an English audience, I would like to invite you on my Podcast.  My podcast is in English, so you will need a basic understanding of English and an interesting, productive, hobby.  I will promote your project or projects on my blog, and with an interview on my Podcast.  During the interview, I will use a combination of Japanese and English. When you answer, in either English or Japanese, I will teach you the proper English of your response and work with you to speak it.  I will edit the podcast to one hour and cut all the Japanese from the final product, leaving only the English responses that I coach you on.

This is basically a free English lesson. The only requirement is that you have some sort of media that I can link to or post on my blog.

If you or someone you know might be interested in promoting work to the English speaking community, please contact me. You can use the "Contact Me" button in the right sidebar.

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