Thursday, October 27, 2011

Japan, Radiation - buying and using a Geiger counter.

If you are living in Japan and have wondered if you should buy a Geiger counter, here are a few things to consider.

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  1. Wondering what your data has been lately like testing food (rice, fish, etc) and water (tap or bottled)...I'm planning a trip to Japan in April but keep hearing anecdotes of cesium and other radioactive materials found in foodstuffs. I thought of bringing a geiger counter but after reading your blog, it seems I'd have to spend thouands of dollars on technology I can't afford in order to properly test my meals...

    It would be very helpful to know what you've found so far, since you've had this technology. THANKS!

    - David

  2. The work that I attempted to do was posted on

    Another place to find information on current tests is

    This concerned foreigner in Japan already has all his lab equipment set up and is posting test results. It looks mostly promising, but I invite you to visit these two pages yourself. I am working with a company called CHP Consultants to build a package radiation testing set and offer training and examples. Once that is available, it will be posted to


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