Thursday, October 20, 2011

Addicted to Energy: New Pepsi Cola Energy Drink

Being a teacher of young children, energy is a precious resource that is never in short demand.  Although coffee is the most demanded supplement for the overworked, sleep deprived teacher, I personally can't stand it.  I took for granted when I lived in the U.S.A. how many energy drinks there were. In Japan, we have Redbull and a bunch of 1 shot types of energy drinks that all taste like cat piss.  Needless to say, I drank a lot of Redbull. 

Some time in August, I found a new energy drink gracing the shelves of 7-11 stores on my route to work each day:  Pepsi Energy Cola. I am not too fond of cola, but I thought, what the heck, it is less expensive than Redbull by 50 yen.  Redbull cost 200 yen for the small can.  Pepsi Energy Cola costs 150 yen for a similar sized can.  

I cracked open the can and set it in my cup holder, like I always did with my Redbull, and drove to work. On my way, and without thinking, I grabbed the can and took a sip.  In my half wake driving trance, I expected the familiar smarty sweet bite of Redbull, and was surprised instead to taste what I like to think of as canned awesome!  The sweet cola, guarana, smarty taste is fantastic!  I was also happy to feel the effect of the drink half an hour later.  The stuff is just way better tasting to me than Redbull.  Pepsi Energy Cola quickly became my energy drink of choice.  

A month rolled past and I continued through my daily commute, always stopping at 7-11 to pick up a snack and Pepsi Energy Cola. Until, suddenly, they were all gone!  I asked the clerk, 'where's the Pepsi Energy Cola?'  Perhaps you can imagine a mechanic walking into a car parts store, asking for what he would assume is a common part for any car, and the clerk looking at him like the part didn't, couldn't and would never exist:  As if I had dreamed it up.  I had to rush out to my car, and get the empty can I still had from the day before and show it to her.  When I handed it to her, she looked like she was touching something completely new.  I saw her stocking the shelves just the other day, but she acted like she was seeing it for the first time.  
'I'll ask', she told me, and disappeared into the back room. She was gone for some time, but when she finally came back she told me they no longer had Pepsi Energy Cola.  I said I know - and she looked confused.  I asked you if you would be getting any more.  She nodded and smiled: so I knew she understood.  But then she shook her head.  We will not be getting any more.  She told me. I was sad.  I liked going to that 7-11 because, the girls that work there are all gorgeous and helpful, if not extremely bright.  I think she may have thought she hurt my feelings directly.  So I smiled and thanked very politely thanked her for checking for me.  

I had to find another conveni (convenience store) that sold my drink.  There were four 7-11's, one Save On, one Circle K, and one Daily Yamazaki between my home and my work. All the 7-11's pulled the drink from their shelves.  Circle K and Daily Yamazaki didn't have any Pepsi Products that I could tell.  My last stop was my lucky break.  Save On had the drink!  I was saved!  

Another month went by and now instead of stopping off at 7-11 every morning, I was stopping at Save On.  I am sure you are thinking, why not just stock up at the supa (super market) and stop going to the conveni?  Right?  Well, strangely, these energy drinks are only sold at conveni's.  Rather inconveniently convenient for them.  I don't mind stopping on my hour long drive every day for a break anyway.  And life was good, until the other day.  On my day off I went to a different Save On closer to home: that also always had my drink. The shelf was empty! Like someone had just come through and cleared every last one of them.  I panicked and ran out the door.  There was another Save On just a block away.  They were out too. I went home mystified. 

The next day, I went to work and stopped off at my usual Save On for a Redbull, but instead, I found the Pepsi Energy Cola.  Excited I took the can and showed it to the clerk.  A nice, if not as pretty lady.  Much smarter than what I was used too.  She said, she wasn't aware of any end to the stocking of the item.  Just to be sure, I bought 6 of them since I didn't have enough to buy the whole shelf.  As I was sitting in my car holding my drink and ready to pop the top, someone knocked at my window.  It was the clerk again.  She told me they would keep ordering the drink and in-fact had more shipments coming.  I thanked her for checking for me and told her I would see her again in 6 days... When I ran out. 

If you have a chance to try this drink, I recommend it with all my addicted conviction.  It's awesome stuff!

Pepsi Energy Cola was re-released October 2012. Read the article at the following link: Pepsi Energy Cola: How does it taste?.

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