Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flash Fiction - By S. G. Harsha

A collection of my flash fiction. The description should give you an idea of each story type. As I write more, I will post them here. Keep coming back for more!

Where did the time go?

A man in search of Alien life is taken on a ride by friendly extra terrestrials and given a gift with a timely cost.

Time after time.

In the face of nuclear Disaster in Japan, Ryuto finds himself at the final bridge of his suffering.

The time of his life.

Frank, a CEO of a large company, finds himself at a crossroad to changing his life.

The frozen watch.

A fantasy tale with a spine freezing twist.

The time traveler.

Hunted through time. Suspense.

Her favorite time of day.

Sometimes a smile is the best time of day.

As time goes by.

A sad fictional memoir of a father's grip on the loss of his wife from a disaster, and how it will affect their toddler son as he grows up.

Running out of time (Heroes of Fukushima.)

edge of your seat suspense with a heart wrenching twist.

The Grandfather Clock.

A German born grandfather clock is delivered with a scary surprise.

Old and new.

Babies and grandma's are cute!

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