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PlayRust Guide - Exploits

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Exploits: How to  Patch or Avoid Being the Victim of Exploits

Every game has it’s issues, and many players attempt to find small bugs and problems with games and use them to get an advantage over other players. This can prove to be a big problem, especially for games that are still deep in development. Rust is an example of this, and even though it runs fairly smooth at it’s current state, as development progresses, the game will come prone to exploits and game breaking bugs.

There are a few exploits and issues you’ll want to be aware of to avoid getting caught off guard.

Base Raiding Exploits

No base is unraidable, and if you do happen to make a base that manages to stop any legitimate attack, players may end up looking for other means to get into your loot room. There are always going to be exploits that help players get around certain building designs, and as more building equipment is added, more chances for exploits will appear.

It’s always best to keep on guard, because you can never know when a new exploit may be discovered. As it stands at the time of writing, there aren’t that many known base raiding exploits, but there are a few that stand out.

One involves barricades and pillars. This particular exploit will allow players to climb up to the top of a building regardless of what building materials are blocking the way. Because of this, it’s always best to assume that players will be able to reach your top floor.

Cheaters and Hackers

I can’t express my frustration with cheaters and hackers in multiplayer games enough. In games like Rust or DayZ, where players can steal everything another player owns, cheaters have all the more reason to cheat, and innocent players have so much more to lose because of it. Rust does have a problem with cheating, and even with VAC working in the background, there are still problems with cheaters and hackers.

Players who use hacks have tools to help them fire their weapons at ridiculous speeds, fly across the map, and run at intense speeds. Although not impossible, it’s incredibly difficult to kill hackers in a firefight, so if anybody states in chat that there are hackers in a particular area, stay clear until a server admin can deal with him.

Duplication Glitches

Another very frustrating exploit involves the duplication of items. Duplication, or duping methods usually allow players to essentially create an unlimited supply of items by tricking the server into believing the item should be in two places at once. Duplication glitches are always going to be patched, but players will strive to find new methods.

So far, I haven’t personally come across anybody that is clearly using duplication exploits to get an advantage, but I have heard stories about how players seem to have endless supplies of weapons, armor, and most scary of all, C4.

Luckily, duplication exploits aren’t easy to come by, so it’s usually not something you’ll have to deal with.

Other Bugs

Rust is in alpha, and this should be taken into consideration before even buying the game. We are going to have to deal with bugs, exploits and cheaters because the game is still in development. The good thing about this though is that any really big bugs will be worked on, and with the player’s help, the guys working on Rust can iron out any kinks and turn it into a game fueled by the players’ interests.

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