Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mojang Sends Facepunch Message In Minecraft PE

I was bored and just happened to open up Minecraft PE, when this message came up.  Thought it was appropriate considering how much I enjoy the game Rust by Facepunch Studios.  Facepunch is doing amazingly well with their Rust series, and pre-sales far exceeded their dreams. So much so, that even Mojang took notice.  Good job, Facepunch.


After posting this on the Rust Forum, LordCrypto, Informed me of my mistake saying,

"this is old


3 years old

the three big forums that gave minecraft a big push are reddit, SA, and FP

to be nice and give us a shoutout for what we did, reddit sa and fp got put in the splash rotation

the "woo, reddit/something awful/facepunch" has been in the splash rotation for like three years, it has nothing to do with rust"
Oh, well, I still think it's pretty cool how these excellent game studios play nice with each other.  Promoting those who are pushing the realm of creativity for the enjoyment of fans, is always a good thing.

Stay Creative, It's Good For You.

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