Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rust, Survival game - Survival guide. Play Rust, Stay alive!

Rust, also known as PlayRust, is a 3D Survival open world game by Facepunch Studios, the creator of Garry's Mod on Steam.  It is described as an MMO, adventure, simulation by Steam. The game is currently Alpha, but open for early access purchase on Steam.

The game is a lot of fun, once you get the hang of it and your own style of gameplay.  But for the beginner, newbie, naked flopper, starting out with a couple bandaids, a torch and a rock - running your junk all over a server full of players who want nothing more than to kill you and take your rock - this game sports a steep learning curve.  The game mechanics are simple, but learning how the game is played by others and what to expect is widely variable. 

Here, I present to you the Basics of Rust gameplay. The idiot's guide to keeping your rock. How to play Rust for the newbie Naked.  Your most valuable questions about the Rust game will be answered here!  So, gather your rocks and wood, it's time to man up and survive!

This guide is just starting, but will include all the basics of playing, getting started, bugfixes, and tips, plus a video guide and tips in the future.  Book Mark us and add your input into the comments to help this guide grow.

1. Extreme Basics:

Servers: What you need to know to find a good server, connect, and tips to make your choice the best choice for you.

Keys and settings: All the key binds and settings you should know about, use, change, or avoid.

2. Basics:

The Map of Rust Island: The map and what you should know about each area. 

Getting Started: Your first actions, what to look for, what to build, and how to survive your first night.

Items in the game: All the items and things you can find in the game, plus tips on how to collect, drop rates, and what to keep and what to throw away.

3. Advanced Survival:

House design: What you should be aware of when building your home.

Banditry: How to be the survivor and not the victim.

Raiding: What you should know about raiding player homes.

4. bugs, fixes, workarounds and more:

known bugs: Bugs that are known and being fixed or in the works.

NEW! 03/27/2014 Exploits: how to patch or avoid being the victim of exploits.

NEW! 03/29/2014 Game crashes and fixes: If your game is crashing check here for possible fixes or workarounds for your crash.

5. The Rusted Development Comic:

04/01/2014 -
New episode.

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