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Getting Started: Your first actions. Rust Guide and Walkthrough

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Welcome to the game of rust!

Before you begin... If you have not yet read the extreme basics sections, I recommend reading them first to get yourself acquainted with the game options, important settings, and server decisions. You can find the guide navigation at


The game of rust is early access alpha right now. Many things will change in the game and so too will this guide.

Alpha means that many exploits, glitches, and problems right now are being worked on based on a priority.  That priority can be seen on Trello. It also means that the total direction and feel of the game has not been fully decided.  The game may change dramatically before Beta. 

Feel free to join the PlayRust community and add your voice to the development of the game at The PlayRust Official Forum. (WARNING!) Read the forum rules carefully before making any posts, or you may get your first ban after only one post. First bans usually only last 3 days, and there is a refugee camp if you do get banned to learn more about why you got banned.  Keep this in mind!

In this guide, I will explain everything I think you need to know to play rust and get the most enjoyment from the game. I will also be adding videos here as I have time to edit them, so you can also see the things I am talking about. If it helps you, please share with your friends and comment below.

Rust Guide and Walkthrough

Your First Steps:

1. Choose a server, adjust settings. After you have chosen your server, and adjusted your settings to run the game as smooth as possible, you are thrust into the cold grassy world of Rust Island.  Welcome, now try not to die.

2. Start Smart. Dying may be the best thing for you when you are a new spawn for the first time on a server.  If you check my map section, you will get some great information about where you should begin in the game.  If you don't spawn near one of your chosen places, hit F1 and type "suicide" without the quotes, to respawn at a different random location.  You can keep doing this until you are satisfied with where you are.  Why not?  You start out with nothing anyways. Make use of this time to reroll your character location while you have nothing to lose, then you will be more poised to stay alive when you do have something to lose.

Protip 1.  If the server is low population, I recommend spawning near the hanger.  Visit the buildings to find supplies in crates. There are no zombies in the hanger area, only the occasional bear or wolf - and PVP players. There are four crate types.  Wooden (supplies and resources,) Green (weapons, ammo and armor,) Red (medical and armor,) and white/blue lid (Items that can't be crafted or you have to research to craft.)

3. Get situated. You start with a torch, some bandages, and a rock (used to gather resources.) If it isn't day, I would suggest not bothering with collection, but just messing around until the sun comes out.  Using your torch will make you a beacon in the night, and everyone within eye shot will paint a cross-hair on you. You could use this time to build a good reputation on the server by asking simple (non-newbie annoying) questions like: "Who are the admins of the server? Is there a website for the server? Are there any Rules you need to follow so you don't get banned."  The owner of the server will appreciate this and you will gain instant rapport if they are on or if they answer your questions.  Just don't get annoying.  If they give you quick simple answers, thank them for answering and move on. 

4. Find food. If it is daytime, you should first find some food.  There are a few animals in various spawn areas (check the map section for details, most spawn areas are near the road, but not all,) You are going to need to find these animals and knock them up with your rock to kill and harvest them.

Protip 1. When you are a newbie naked, avoid wolves and bears and zombies.  When looking for food, the best animals to attack are Pigs (boar,) Chicken's, and rabbits, in that order. Pigs are easy to kill and provide a large amount of resources - usually 6-8 cookable food, 6 blood, 6-8 cloth and 10 animal fat.  Chickens and rabbits are easy to kill, but their small size makes them harder to target, and they don't offer much resource. 

Protip 2. When attacking a boar, Running at it may seam fast, but the boar will spot you and run away long before you get to it. Run up to it, but when about 40 or 50 feet away, walk.  When the boar runs, go after it. 

Protip 3. You can't swing your rock, axe or pickaxe while running. While chasing a boar, keep moving forward (pressing the W key) but let go of your shift (run key) long enough to start swinging your rock, axe or pickaxe. Your swing takes some time to wind up, so while you are starting to swing your weapon, start running again to get closer.  You can run while swinging your weapon, you just can't start swinging while running.

Protip 4. Animals will run away from you when they first see you.  They may change direction after that, but to minimize danger, attack the animal at first so that they will run away from any nearby danger, such as wolves, bears, zombies, or that giant metal fortress where JoBob the noob slayer lives.

Protip 5.  For God's sake, don't kill your mouse!  You don't need to keep clicking on your mouse to keep swinging.  Click once, and hold it down to swing again.  Your mouse will thank you in the long run.

5. Collect Wood.  Wood is the first resource you will use toward your own protection, and is the most used resource in the game besides metal.  Wood can be gathered from piles of wood (wood spawn nodes) at various resource spawn points on the map.  View this guide's map section for that information. Go get some wood, about at least 250 to start.

Protip 1. Every time you swing your tool/weapon, your food calories goes down. When this reaches 0, you will start taking damage.  Conserve your energy until you have food.  Don't gather more wood than you need (150 about,) until you have food. Wood can be gathered from trees at 1 wood per swing, so it isn't worth the energy used. It is more energy cost effective to run around and find a wood spawn node.  Wood spawn nodes give 7x wood per hit with a rock or stone axe, 10x for an axe swing and 20x for a pickaxe swing.

6. Collect stone/metal ore/sulfur ore. Stone and ores are needed to make the next level of items you can use in the game.  These are harvested from boulders colored light gray with yellow veins or dark rust colored. You need to harvest enough of these to have about 25 stones for crafting.

Protip 1.  Boulders spawn in areas near the wood spawn nodes.  Wood piles and these Boulders spawn close to each other by 5 to about 50 yards/meters. If you see wood piles, then there should be some boulders around too.

Protip 2. Only boulders give you stone, and ores.  Rocks along the mountain ridges give you nothing more than a loud sound and alert to anyone in the area that you are close by.

Advanced Protip 3. As soon as you get 5 stone and 10 wood, you can make a stone hatchet.  Do this right away if you can or if the day is early and you are fairly safe.  This stone hatchet is much faster than the rock you start out with!

7. Build your first shack. Once you have your resources, some uncooked food (chicken breasts. 2 to 3 pigs worth,) at least 250 wood and 25 stone, you can get to work on crafting.  First, you need some basic temporary protection.  You should build a shack and a wooden door.  The shack will cost you 50 wood, and the door will cost you 20 wood. To do any crafting, you need to hit the TAB button then click the crafting button at the top of the screen.  To the right of your inventory will be a list of items you can craft.  To scroll, hover over the crafting list until an item is highlighted then use your scroll or up/down arrow keys.  Click on the item then choose how many of that item you want to craft at the bottom, then click the craft button at the bottom right of the craft list.

Crafting takes a little time.  How much time depends on your server.  If you are just starting out and just want to learn the basics of the game, playing on an instant crafting server is a good idea.  While you are crafting, you are vulnerable and move at a crawl speed.  So if there are dangers nearby, go somewhere safe first before starting to craft.

When you have crafted your wood shelter, open your inventory, click and drag the shelter to an open slot of your hot bar at the bottom labelled 1 - 6.  Then exit your inventory and click the use the hotbar number you place the shack in to bring up a translucent model of the wood shelter.  The wood shelter will turn green when it is place-able and be red when something is blocking it or if the ground is too uneven.  Use the right mouse button to change the orientation of the shelter, and the left mouse button to place it.  Do the same for the door and you are ready for the next part!

Protip 1. The Wood Shack and wooden door can easily be broken into with C4, or 200 hits with a hatchet. This should only be used as a temporary home. The point is that if someone finds your home, and starts hacking away at your door, you may have enough time to gather your gear open the door and run away. Or, if you are on a no sleeper server, you can gather your gear and log off.  Come back after some time and hope they got bored of waiting for you.

Protip 2. Once you have what you need to build your first shack, don't just drop it down in the middle of a field.  If someone that has already set up camp in the area sees your shack, they may decide to attack you, as you will be competition for the area's resources. Your best option is to find a place out of the way or hidden by the rocks of the mountains to provide a small sort of buffer between your placing it and when it is first spotted by rivals.

Protip 3. If you see a larger player constructed building in the area, avoid the area when placing your home, or it will be broken into shortly after.

Protip 4. When placing doors in doorways, often times it is hard to catch the sweet spot that turns the door green and makes it place-able.  Aiming above the top of the doorway seems to be the best way to get the door to turn green and become place-able.

Protip 5. When placing your door, keep in mind that it will open either to the right or to the left.  This is important especially when placing doors at the bottom of stairs, since when they open to the right, they will block you from walking up the stairs until you shut the door again. Use the right mouse button to change the open direction of the door to your preference before placing it.

8. Cook food and start crafting. Now that you have your home, you will need to craft a few more things to get started.  First, craft a Campfire.  This will cost you 5 wood.  Place your camp fire, point your view at it until you see "use" pop up, hit and HOLD the E button to bring up the "use/open" menu, then click the open option to open the campfire.  The fire will have 5 wood in it already, place just enough wood to cook your meat in the bottom slot and your food in the middle slots. When the food is cooked it will appear in the top slots.  After the items are place, click tab to exit and look at the campfire again until the "use" pop up shows again, then hit the E button to use it (start the fire.)

While your food is cooking, next make a furnace. To make a furnace, you will first have to craft some low grade fuel. Low Grade Fuel requires 2 animal fat each. You need 10 low grade fuel to make a furnace, so hopefully you killed my suggested 3 pigs to get enough animal fat. Once you have your fuel, craft the furnace.  This will cost you 10x low grade fuel, 15 stones, and 20 wood.

Place your furnace like you did the fireplace, open it, put in your ores, and place just enough wood to smelt your metal and sulfur ore.  Then tab out and use the furnace to get the fires going.

Next craft a workbench.  This will cost you 8 stones and 50 wood. The workbench is needed to create advanced crafting goods, such as the guns, and ammo. 

The end of the beginning

This guide will get you started from here, now you should be set to play and learn from playing rather than reading.  But please visit my other sections for more information and advanced tips as needed.  If the section you are interested is not available yet, let me know you would like me to get to it first in a comment, or just come back later and it may be up.  Thanks and hope you enjoy this excellent game. 

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