Thursday, October 17, 2013

Grinning Studios YouTube, website, and more update!

Hey everyone, Grin here.  So you may have noticed a long dead space in my post dates.  Sorry about that.  Grinning Studios is still here and I have a new website for my YouTube channel.

So, if you have not watched any of my videos and are wondering where my gaming posts are, then here is a short explanation. 

I'm a father now! Here's my insanely photogenic baby Malukah Smiles!

Being a father now, means that my priorities kind of changed a bit.  I'm still doing videos and such, but my writing on all of my websites has gone down extensively.  I will be doing more writing soon and bringing some more interesting content as well in the next few weeks and I have a lot planned for the next few months.

First, I am going to be hosting some videos from friends, this includes Time Lapse Japan and a documentary by Linh Vien Thai about Mongolia! My video game series and Let's Plays will be available as well of course.

Soon I will be posting a lot of information about the Larian Studios game "Divinity: Dragon Commander." This will include tips, let's play video, and Strategy and Tips videos.  I sent an Email asking for permission to make the videos and Larion Studios accepted.  Not only do they make awesome games, but they are a team of equally awesome people who love their fans! 

If you don't own the game Divinity: Dragon Commander, I highly recommend adding it to your collections.  You can find it on Steam, Here.

Some other great "Living in Japan" videos are also coming and more.  I have over 1TB of video to edit and will get to it when my daughter isn't hogging all of my attention.  Seriously, check out that Malukah Smiles video, you'll totally love it!


Stay Creative, It's Good For You.

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