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Bioshock Infinite Crash on startup fix and game tweaks download.

Bioshock Infinite - My game crashes before the menu screen loads! What's going on?

Bioshock Infinite has been an extremely enjoyable game, even though I only got to play it a couple days due to Steam Restrictions. I am anxious to play it again, but while I am waiting, I have had some messages from viewers asking about the game crashing in the time from executing and the Bioshock Infinite Navigation Menu appearing. From what I can tell, this is an early bug caused by something to do with the plethora of intro videos and splash screens Bioshock Infinite shows you before you can even get into the game. I've also heard that there was a patch for this problem on April, 5th through steam. If Bioshock Infinite is Crashing on you while you are playing the game, check out my Bioshock Infinite random crash fix for I7 processors post.

How can I fix my Bioshock Infinite game crashing, and at least get to the menu?

If you followed my guide on how to disable steam from Bioshock Infinite, then it is possible you never got the Bioshock Infinite 1.1 update. In this case, you have two options described below:

1. Re-enable Steam for Bioshock Infinite

Revert to enabling steam for Bioshock Infinite - how to do this is basically explained in my Bioshock Infinite disable steam guide. As long as you didn't delete the original files.  But you can also right click Bioshock Infinite in Steam - click properties : go to the "Local Files" tab - click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache..."

That should remove all the changes you made to the game and download anything you are missing. However, doing this means you will be back in the leash of steam. If you just can't stand this prospect then try option 2.

2. Disable the intro videos of your Bioshock Infinite game

You can either disable the intro videos on your own by removing them from your Xgame.ini file, or you can download one of the two Xgame.ini files I have already modified and replace your old one to see if that works.

Editing your Bioshock Infinite Xgame.ini

Xgame.ini on Windows 7 can be found in the following location:

C:\Users\[user name]\Documents\My Games\BioShock Infinite\XGame\Config 

To edit it, open wordpad as admin, and open this file from the above location. hit CTRL+F to open the find word or phrase dialogue box and type in startupmovies. Put a semi colon in front of the startupmovies entries - here's an example:

An Example Entry looks like...

Change it to...

Save the file and see if that works. If not, try one of my pre-modded Xgame.ini files.

 If you use one of my pre-modded files, please RENAME your original "Xengine.ini" to "oldXengine.ini" before you move my modded file to the folder. If something goes wrong, your old Xgame.ini is there to save you... so to speak. You have been warned.

Pre-modded Xengine.ini files.

With the AMD splash video skippable by hitting any key. - TESTED WORKS

No AMD splash video. - UNTESTED UNKNOWN

If none of these work, please visit Grinning Studios on Facebook and let me know. I will try to help you there.

Please let me know if any of this works for you or doesn't work for you so I can make sure I am giving correct information or change the information to help more people. Thanks, and good luck.

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  2. MSI Afterburner was my problem, it worked for a few days, then the patch came out and I can't get my game to work again.

    I tried to reinstall Bioshock Infinite but even though I put don't put this game up to date it still installed the update... Should I try the No-Steam method? I got this game from AMD coupon code from buying a new video card.

    1. No, Just turn your MSI Afterburner profiles off when playing the game. That should fix the crash... It's not a true fix, but at least you should be able to play the game.

  3. thanks man that worked for me !


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