Thursday, January 10, 2013

Japan Mc Donalds: The Mega Mac in 60 seconds or it's free!

Get fat yo! That's the mantra for the Japan food section of Grinning Studios. This episode is all about the Japan Mc Donalds Mega Mac.  That's a Big Mac with four patties instead of just two.  On top of the Mega Mac set offer, Mc Donalds Japan promises to make and deliver your meal in 60 seconds or less, if ordered from 11:00 to 14:00, or or they will give you a bigmac free! How does it stack up?  Check out the video below to find out. 

Overall, the sandwich was pretty good! At 740 yen it is priced to fill you up for your money.  It comes with a side of fries, M-size, and a drink, also M-size. If you want ketchup, you have to ask, but this lady knows me, as I am a frequent customer, and puts the ketchup and my drink in the order without even asking.  She's so good to me! She remembers me and is always smiling.  The customer service at Mc Donalds Japan is fantastic.

In the video, I unbox the Mega Mac and give you a good view of it.  Then I go to town and get that puppy in my belly. I didn't know it, but the Big Mac also includes pickle slices. Not a fan, but the pickles were not half bad. There's lots of lettuce in this burger so I feel consoled in the healthy undertone of this fat building meal.  Overall, this set was totally worth the price.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

The music in the BGM is Try 2 B written, played, recorded and produced by me 2010. I own all rights to this song.

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  1. The price of that is actually quite normal in the UK, interesting! It's only £3.70 which is actually a bit cheaper than the regular McDonalds meals here. And isn't the Mega Mac just a Big Mac?

    By the way, I have my own blog which focuses on Asian culture and entertainment such as video games and I wonder if it is possible for you to view it and tell me what you think please:

  2. Thanks for the comment NyNy. Yes Mega Mac is just a Big Mac, but it has four patties instead of two. I'll have a look at your page.


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