Sunday, October 14, 2012

Foot sugery, Nose surgery, and recovery. *Graphic Pictures. If you are squeemish, don't look.*

Graphic Pictures are included in this post. Please be aware and don't read further if you are squeamish.

Have you had a bad month? Well my bad month began in September, and ran in to October.

First, I learned a lesson on the dangers of using topical steroid cream.  If you have a blister, and you are using steroid cream, if that blister pops, you are in danger of having a bad infection.  How bad?  Check out the pictures.
Foot swelling
Day 3
Started to hurt and swell up.  By day 3 my wife took me to an urgent care clinic.  It was a holiday so there were few choices of where to go.  The clinic was not able to do anything for me, so they sent us to a hospital.  At the hospital, they gave me an IV of some form of antibiotic.  The swelling went down  a little bit for a day, but then came back worse.

Foot after surgery and stitches.
Day 7

Finally we went to a different doctor who gave me some Kurabito antibiotics.  There was no change so he decided to surgically clean my foot.  He poked me with a needle for general anesthesia and it was torturous.  A few minutes later he cut my foot open and cleaned out the bacteria as best as he could.  This was a very traumatic experience.

I went back to the doctor every day for a week.  He would give me an IV of antibiotics, refill my pain and oral antibiotics, but it was not getting better.  On the third visit, He changed my antibiotic to Minomaicin by my request.  He had not before then because I had taken the stuff before and had stomach problems. I was willing to take the risk this time.

Foot after removal of stitches
Day 12
After a three or so days of Minomaicin, my foot began to heal.  The swelling started going down and the surgical cuts were able to heal as well.

Foot after surgery, stitches and some healing.
Day 25

Almost a month later, this is what my foot looks like.

As if that was not enough.  I was to have surgery to correct a deviated septum (that's the cartilage of the nose,) and remove palyps in my sinuses from years of asthmatic allergies.

My foot was not 100% yet, but the doctors decided to go ahead with the surgery as it would be impossible for me to reschedule my days off from work.

They removed a portion of my septum that was crooked and cut out the palyps while I was under general anesthesia.

The palyps were huge! It is amazing I could use my nose to breath at all.  Here is one of the palyps they removed.

Nasal polyp removal surgery.

I was in the hospital for a week after.  Each day I would walk to the doctors room at the hospital and he would pull gauze out of my nose.  The pain was intense, but after a few days and who knows how many pounds of gauze removal, I was able to breath through my nose.

My voice was raspy from having a breathing tube in my throat during the operation, but it went back to normal after a week.

Final result?

My foot is doing much better and I can wear socks and walk on it for a short while before it becomes painful.

My nose is very clear, and my breathing has improved greatly.  Now, maybe I can get back to work!

Thanks for visiting my blog and subscribing to my YouTube channel.  I will get more posted and uploaded as my time permits.  I am also writing for a Skyrim Mod called Luftahraan, so look forward to something cool soon.

Stay Creative, It's Good For You.

Grin Isobe.


  1. OMG! These pics aren't for the faint hearted! =) Btw, I'm so happy to read that you're doing well! :D Nice post! :D
    Nose job

    1. Thanks Rosita. Should I have made a strong warning on those pictures? Good luck on your nose job website. ^_^

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience? I'm thinking to go for a nose surgery by Dr. Jerome Edelstein, but I'm afraid a little. I don't want to have any kind of problems and I'm sure that I will be satisfied of its shape... I can't wait! :D

  3. In my case, the shape was completely unchanged. The blockage inside, (polyp and deviated septum,) were the only things that were removed. The outer septum and skin was completely unchanged.

    The result is that now I can breath clearly through both of my nasal passages. My sleep has improved, and my breathing has become quiter and easier.

    I wish you well on your surgery Kristy.


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