Thursday, March 15, 2012

Website networking: bloggers in Japan find their audience from Jonathan Allen's, Japan Blog List.

Veteran bloggers know the value of Internet marketing and networking. Every link to their blog is plated with a golden opportunity to grow audience, and search engine ranking. Exposure is needed for growth and the search for that exposure never ends. For bloggers in Japan, one of your first back-links should be Japan Blog List.

Japan Blog List is a monthly list and summary website for blogs in Japan. Submit your blog and summary and the web master, Jon, will post it on the list the next month.  The only stipulation is that your blog be something about Japan.  The original site was started in 2007 by a man named Gary living in Vancouver Canada.  Gary is a lover of all things Japanese, but didn't have the time to keep up with the website.  Jon took over the website August, 2010, and it has been growing quickly ever since.

Jon is an IT man with a creative pension for blogging.  His first Blogger blog was "I'm A Seoul Man in Tokyo," but now he spends his creative free time blogging and tweeting for The Japan Blog List. He has worked in IT for companies such as Goldman Sachs and lived in  London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Seoul South Korea and now Japan.  He is an interesting and creative person, and I will be welcoming him on my podcast, to talk about his creative projects and life in Japan, this weekend.

Stay tuned, and Stay Creative, It's Good For You.

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