Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adventures with Linh Vien Thai

The newest podcast is up! Episode 3: Adventure with Linh Vien Thai.

Linh Vien Thai is a prolific adventurer struck with wanderlust. He's been all over on expeditions, and documentary filming. Linh is the most interesting character I have met in Japan to date.  He has been an intern at Saturday Night Live, He's been all over Asia, North America, Africa and Europe. Linh is a Kung Fu master, "Combat Monkey,"  and has been in a hilarious Kung Fu movie where he gets his ass handed to him by a woman. HAHA! a must see below:

A part of Linh's Documentary can be seen below: This part of the documentary is about the Mongol Archers.

Linh's Blog is The Life of Me.

Linh's photography can be found at Flickr: linhvienthai

Linh's IMDb director page for, The Heart of Asia: documentary.

Linh's Youtube Channel.

There's just too much to list! If you find something with Linh Vien Thai in it, post it up!  He's everywhere. You've probably met him and never knew it.  Stay Creative, It's good for you.

Other links from the podcast:

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