Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Graham Smith: Live at Riverst - pre-interview meetup.

Over the weekend I was able to meet up with Graham Smith for a pre-interview concert.  The venue was a place called Riverst in Niigata, not too far from the train station.  My wife, a talented amateur photographer, went with me. I met Graham before his show in the back of the venue selling his most recent CD titled NOW.

Graham is a very down to earth musician and is passionate about rocking the crowd.  It shows.  He was there early before the first two bands came on, and stayed late until the last customers left.  When I met him, he smiled and shook my hand heartily and said, "thanks for coming!" I insisted the pleasure was all mine, and it was, but I also noticed he had a bit of a hoarse throat.  "I caught a cold." he told me nonchalantly.

We talked for a while about his music, living in Japan, and getting people interested in his work.  I met his bass guitarist, Elliot and his drummer, Sean. Both awesome guys! Then it was his turn on the stage.

I was surprised how well he handled himself on stage.  Sure he had a cold, but he was still hitting the notes and was impeccable on the guitar.  Watching his fingers move as he rang out his riffs was a spectacle!  He played The Emperor's New Clothes, Come on Out, and That Hole's Still Here from his album then finished off with a cover of White Stripes, Fell in Love with a Girl. It was a great show!

Afterwards we talked a bit more offstage and I was able to drink with Sean, who is also a DJ. Overall, the night was great and I am really excited to have Graham Smith on my show in the first week of March.  Stay creative Graham, It's good for you.

Photos by R. Isobe.

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